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Everee Wednesday Giveaway Contest is here!!! 9/29/10


In summary: 

1. Take the card (the one already in your possession, or the one simply printed from this site).

2. Take creative photos with you and your honey, incorporating the card somehow.  Examples: Pretend to eat it, use it as fishing bait, modge podge it to your forehead, take it skydiving...the choice is yours, this is a chance for your creativity to shine!   

3. Submit your best photo to:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

4. Come back in a few days and vote on the WINNER!


Winners will receive a FREE 1.5-2 hour engagement session with ee photography!!  YAYY!  (This includes digital negatives!)


50 AMAZING save-the-dates with us!!!


We are just delighted to partner with ee for this wonderful contest.  And if you haven't already, drop everything and check out her blog! She will literally cause you to melt! You in a unbelievable behind the camera lens- plus she is just wonderful to spend an afternoon with!!! 

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give me cobblestones. 9/26/10

Dear Oxford, Would you please have me back? This rainy weekend in Abilene made me really want to walk down cobblestone streets, hopping puddles, while chewing on a Ben's cookie. 

I do hope your week starts out just lovely! Be sure to come back around on Wednesday for our first competition with ee photography. The winner of the contest will win a free engagement session with Erin, and 50 free save the dates through us!

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Wednesday Is HUMP DAY! 9/22/10

Every Wednesday, WEDNESDAY is going to do our best to post a recent work, something funny, something inspiring, or something just plain random to help all of you out there get over hump day a little easier. We are going to go ahead and apologize ahead of time if some Wednesdays we forget to do this. (We're sorry in advance) The weeks we DO remember (always) there will be something that pops up on here that will inspire you a little.

This HUMP DAY, we would like to present you with a poster to commemorate this upcoming weekend with my boys. For my birthday, my lovely wife went behind my back and had the audacity to buy me a ticket to see one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers , and invite 4 of my best friends to come to Oklahoma City to enjoy the experience with me. What a woman!!! So, to mark this wonderful occasion, we created a poster for the guys to get them psyched about this weekend. I hope you enjoy it.

I couldn't decide between the green or the blue so we are just going to post both. smile


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