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out of office 12/18/10

Well, Garett and I will be out of the office the next few days celebrating one blissful year of marriage! Enjoy a lovely and long weekend, and we will catch up with you when we get back! Also, want to view the Reader's Digest version of our wedding day? See the INCREDIBLE stop motion video Erin Woolsey of EE photography created for us. I'm still smitten!

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drum roll please… 12/15/10

We have a winner!

Apparently everyone else loves this cute pooch as much as we do! Congratulations to the lovely winner of the Everee Wednesday Christmas contest! Please shoot us an e-mail and we can begin designing your custom card!


Speaking so cute dogs.... Harvey, the goldendoodle pup, will be the newest addition to the Wednesday team as of January 7th! We cannot wait to get the little guy!!! Trust us, we'll overwhelm you with photos!

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Tis’ the Season for Love 12/13/10

Boy, do we sure owe you an apology. We're sorry we've neglected to blog. We'll spare you all the really gruesome details, but Garett and I have been swapping stomach flu germs. Luckily, we have reclaimed our health, and any pounds we may have shed during the fiasco, just in time for our one year anniversary rendezvous to San Diego!

We wanted to share a holiday card we design for a fabulous couple, Koby and Brook Click. Honest to goodness, if you ever want the best haircut experience, then you will take a gander to Koby's barber chair. Besides being a complete character, he is an artist with those clippers. So, without further explanation...

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