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DIY Succulent garden 4/30/11

This has been such a great Saturday! Got up to two cups of coffee, took a nice long walk with my boy and doodle, went antique shopping, popped in at Lowe's to get succulents for a little garden and played Bingo at the community center. I'm just kidding about the Bingo part, but I realized mid-list that my perfect Saturday sounded more like the perfect day for a 63 year old than a 23 year old. I'm an old soul.

I tend to take a more lackadaisical approach when it comes to tending for plants. Besides the fact that I just love how succulents look, they have a tendency to thrive despite forgetfulness and infrequent watering- yes, the perfect plant for me.

At Lowe's we picked out a few of our favorites and bought Miracle Grow soil for succulents. We used some of our own teacups and mason jars.

I think these would make precious wedding favors or place card holders!

Make sure your succulents get lots of bright light and allow your soil to dry out between waterings! Happy growing!

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