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DIY Streamer Flowers 10/14/10

In the spirit of all the DIY projects we have going on to prepare for our everee Wednesday fun-shoot with ee photography later this month, I wanted to share one of my favorite projects yet!!! Streamer Flowers. Let me just preface this post with saying as much as I wish I could take credit for how brilliant this project is, I certainly was inspired by Olivia Kanaley of A Field Journal as seen on The Bride's Cafe. If you're willing to put in a little time you will find that the reward is completely worth the effort! I'm loving having these around our house, and also having a little craft to get busy on while I watch my trash TV.


Necessary Supplies:



White Floral Cloth Wire

White Floral Tape






1. Cut one 18 inch strip of standard party streamer. Fold the streamer in half several times until you have a small rectangle about 1 inch wide. Be sure when folding to fold with the grain of the streamer.

2. Cut the top edge of the folded streamer and round it so it is almost a semi-circle. Unfold the streamer.

3. Cut another 18 inch strip of streamer. Fold this streamer, but not entirely in half. Round the top edge of this streamer, like you did with the first streamer.

4. Unfold the second streamer, and lay the first streamer on top of it. Since you didn't fold the second streamer entirely in half the scallops should be staggered when laid on top of one another.



5. Take one end of the two streamers and secure it to the top of the floral wire by making a loop with the wire and twisting it around the edge of the stream.

6. Begin to form the flower by gathering the streamer as you turn the wire stem, and secure it with floral tape. Once the flower is fully formed wrap the floral tape half way down the stem.


7. Using your fingers, adjust the flower petals. It's so nice that the streamers have a little bit of stretch, so you can gently pull the edges of the petals to create a more realistic look. In the center of the flower, add a dab of glue and apply the beads.



Also, be sure to check the blog tomorrow to begin voting for the everee Wednesday giveaway contest! The photo submissions are ridiculously cute, and I can't wait to see which lucky couple wins!

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