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i want a st. pattie’s kinda love 3/17/11

I remember taking the the train from London to Oxford and being completely romanced by the picturesque English countryside. It was very dreary, damp and void of color except for the color of the hills- they were the most vibrant and fresh green color I've ever seen. Ever since then I've just associated green with romantic, and that feeling was just reaffirmed the day I laid eyes on the gorgeous green Rivulet gown from BHLDN. I'll be green with envy the day I see someone wearing it! All that to say, I see no better way than to honor St. Patrick's day the Wednesday way. Sorry-That sentence had way too much "ay".

Rivulet Dress from BHLDN

Amazing bow ties from my lovely friend with Nerds of a Feather

Lovely cake posted on Frolic

Cute as a button cookies

Gorgeous bouquets by Cebolla Fine Flowers

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DIY gifting persuasions of a bridesmaid with an agenda 1/26/11

Here are some sweet little DIY gifts for bridesmaids from a bride on a budget!

1. make these lovely rolled flowers to make a pretty headband or necklace. 2. refashion an old t-shirt to make this pretty little necklace. 3. I cannot get enough of glittery flats, and how great to know you can make your own! 4. a homemade, delicious cookie can beat out a nice pair of shoes any old day! 5. one very pretty homemade headband. 6. nothing can replace the thoughtfulness of a heartfelt, handwritten letter. 7. a pom pom necklace? who'da thought? 8. please, if you can knit or crochet, deny us no longer. 9. stitch some pretty little letters or a design on a pillow like this little beauty! 10. bow cuffs, yes!

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The Gifting Persuasions 1/16/11

Today is day one of our new weekend series The Gifting Persuasions of a Bridesmaid with an Agenda! As a bridesmaid myself, I feel like I have some authority in stating what bridesmaids may like to be gifted. So, take this as literally as you like, dear bride friend who is getting married on June 11th. Just incase my sarcasm is getting lost in the blogosphere, I'm completely joking. But yes, expect every weekend to find a new roundup of great gifts for your girls or for yourself!

one two three four five six seven eight nine

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