Wednesday Custom Design

Custom Design, Events & Paperworks



We pour ourselves into providing you with truly personal and one-of-a-kind paperworks, so they can tell your story and enhance the tenderness that exists in these joyous occasions. Every detail is customized to reflect your story, style and personality. The details are what set every person, couple and family apart and make the design unique. We want to provide you with a sweet, playful and genuine way of sharing your joy and expressing your sincerity through an envelope.

Event Styling & Coordinating

The way we see, your wedding day can’t possibly get any more perfect than it already is. You are committing your life to your dearest friend, so if that isn’t the closest thing to perfection on this earth I don’t know what is! That being said we would love to enhance the celebration and compliment all the love you have by providing you with a creative perspective and a little loyal organizational companionship at any point in your wedding planning process.

Packaging & Branding

Wednesday understands how important it is to have a unique visual image to stand out, after all we are small creative business ourselves. We invest such attention and detail to make sure your design is the most efficient and lovely summary of your company and personal story. For more information about custom packaging, logos and branding please drop us a line!